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Web Design


Thank you for considering Ketler Business Solutions for your website needs.  Whether you need to establish a new presence on the World Wide Web or renovate a current website, Ketler Business Solutions offers an inexpensive way for you to advertise, inform and communicate with professional results.

Web services

  • Page layout and design

  • Updates and maintenance

  • Existing site revision

  • Custom graphics design and scanning services

  • Web site promotion

  • Search engine submission

  • Internet service provider selection and website hosting

  • Domain registration

  • Tracking reports and website statistics

  • Individual consultation and training

It is important to us that your web presence is as effective as possible given your needs.  Ketler Business Solutions' primary focus is on page layout and design, with an emphasis on clear content and simple navigation, to ensure your visitors are able to easily access the content and information you want them to see.  We also offer graphic and scanned imaging services.  Once all the elements are in place, building your website can become a reality!  When we meet, marketing and promotional strategies will be discussed, as well as future site maintenance.  Consultation and training services are offered to enable you to take full advantage of the internet and what it can do for you.

The initial meeting to discuss web site construction is free, up to the first two hours (this free meeting does not apply to consultation or training sessions).  After that, a $30 hourly rate applies.  Clients should brainstorm ideas for their web site and gather any materials, photos, etc. in preparation for meetings.  Any ideas you have are good ideas!  We can discuss them and sketch out thoughts on paper.  Then you'll be able to see what the possibilities are and realize the  thought process was well worth it!              


Pricing (subject to change)

  • $30/hour - Internet design, maintenance, consulting and training.  Learn how to use those tools you paid for!  Includes web browser and e-mail use.

  • Additional external fees apply, such as domain name registration, web hosting fees and e-commerce package solutions.

  • $5/each - Photo scanning

  • Website hosting: $10 per month
     - $5 per month for non-profit groups
    includes email hosting for your domain

  • Domain name registration and renewal: $20 year.

  • Package deals available. Contact us for details.

    Note: Ketler Business Solutions reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

If you have questions, need additional information or would like to arrange an appointment, please send e-mail to KBS



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Planning Your Site



Payment policies:

  • Total payment for services rendered is due upon completion of those services unless otherwise stated in writing.  Your web site will be uploaded to your ISP server for testing and evaluation purposes.  If payment is not received as agreed, your web site will be removed from the internet until payment is received.  After one month following date of service, unpaid invoices will be charged 1.5% monthly to offset collection charges.
  • All expenses incurred to complete an order are the responsibility of you, the client.  Cancelled orders are subject to a 10% cancellation fee (of the estimated order amount) after 3 working days or total charges rendered to date, whichever is greater, in addition to any specific fees and expenses incurred in relation to the order.
  • Terms and conditions:

    • Ketler Business Solutions shall have no liability for any special, consequential, punitive or other damages of any kind whatsoever, whether direct or indirect that arise out of or result from services provided by Ketler Business Solutions.  Liability is limited to just the design and layout of actual material produced by Ketler Business Solutions, not for the content of such material.
    • Ketler Business Solutions in no way or capacity controls, operates, reviews or screens produced material once services have been rendered and completed.  Ketler Business Solutions is not affiliated in any manner with any of the information available, accessible or offered or with any of the persons, businesses or entities offering, transmitting or publishing same.
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